Woman leaves friends disturbed after showing off gag-worthy tongue party trick

This video shows a woman’s unique and unusual talent that often leaves people shocked when they see it.

TikTok user Kara Sings, karalane90, uploaded the video to her account after seeing a call-to-arms thread asking for people to share out of the ordinary things they can do with their body.

One man shared a video of him performing the Wheel of Fortune sound, and another TikTok user could fire bubbles from their tongue, but Kara stepped it up a notch.

She started her video with a warning that some viewers may be disturbed with her trick – where she uses her tongue to completely cover the opening of her throat.

We’re not sure what the practical application of such a move could be, or how Kara learned this trick, but it is certainly unique.

In the short video, Kara said: “I’ve met one other person who can do this trick.

“It’s my favourite party trick because every time I do it people’s reactions just crack me up – it’s literally more entertaining for me than it is for them.

“But it might gross some people out, so I apologise now in advance. But, I can’t believe I’m doing this, here we go.”

Kara then proceeds to perform the slightly disturbing trick, leaving her tonsils dangling above an empty mouth as her tongue goes up into her throat.

The video has had over 77k likes and 2,000 comments, mostly of people expressing disbelief.

One user said: “Am I the only one who thought ‘what if it gets stuck!?'”

Another said: “I bet everyone watching is trying to do it!”

And another said: “How did you even realise you can do that? Your heart must have stopped when you first did it.”