Man horrified by ‘real’ meaning of sad emoji – and it’s not puppy eyes

An iPhone user was left stunned when he discovered what the teary-eyed emoji really means.

Earlier this year, Louis Levanti came across a tweet by Twitter user Zach Silberberg which went viral after he revealed the strange connection the popular emoji has with Oliver Twist.

The tweet read: “Finding out that the keyboard shortcut for [the sad emoji] is ‘please sir’ ruined my day.”

Louis reacted to the discovery on TikTok where he put the little-known iPhone shortcut to the test.

In a video, that has been viewed more than five million times, he raged: “I did not need to wake up to this tweet saying that is what you type to get that emoji!!

“It fing can’t be. Who the f at Apple is responsible for this?”

Since being posted, the video has racked up more than one million likes and almost 60,000 comments from stunned viewers.

One person said: “Tried it with Ma’am and it didn’t work… smells toxic.”

“Someone at Apple is about to get CANCELLED,” wrote another person.

A third said: “Pretty sure it’s a reference to Oliver Twist when he holds up his bowl and asks for more food, ‘please sir may I have some more’… FOOD,” but Louis isn’t convinced as he replied saying: “I don’t think emoji was being that clever, probably just a coincidence.”

And one person admitted: “……… I thought it was puppy eyes.”