Man in Haarlem found seriously injured after mysterious loud bang

A man was found injured on the street in Haarlem after a loud bang was heard by local residents on Sunday night. He was immediately rushed to the hospital with serious injuries following the incident, police confirmed. The cause of the loud noise was under investigation, and a gunshot was not immediately ruled out

“We received a report at around 9:30 pm of someone who was seriously injured,” police said on social media. They found the injured person when they arrived on scene, and he was taken by ambulance to an area hospital.

The incident occurred in the Beeksteeg, on the east side of the center of Haarlem. Witnesses reportedly saw a white Volkswagen Caddy pulling away shortly after the loud sound, according to NH Nieuws.

It remains unclear what exactly caused the noise. “At the moment we cannot rule out anything,” said the police spokesperson.

The location where the man was found was designated a crime scene. The police said they were hoping to be able to provide more information later on Monday.